Tips when buying office equipment

Purchasing office equipment can be a daunting task – all vendors promise the world and few actually live up to their advertising.

There are office solutions that do everything expect make the coffee but do you really trust the proposal?

Having spent many years working with the Office Automation industry and financing all kinds ofequipment from the printer to the telephone to the shredder, we understand that the understanding is in the fine print.

  • Call Be Financed for a free consultation – let us arrange the finance and negotiate the fine print on your behalf. We do not partner with any company that does not have sufficient credibility and accreditation.
  • Find out if your supplier has their own service teams
  • Are they outsourcing service to an accredited dealer ?
  • How far are they geographically from your office?
  • Ask for references and call them
  • Always get more than one quote